Vladimir Mordkovich 2

Vladimir Mordkovich

CTO, Infra Technology, USA


Vladimir Mordkovich has degrees from the Moscow State University (MS in chemistry 1981; Ph.D. 1984). The upper degree of Dr.Sci. was awarded in 1995.  

Vladimir Mordkovich has dedicated his career to R&D in chemistry and technology of fuels and materials. He had spent 11 years in Japan working for R&D companies, before returning to Russia, where he joined the team of founders of INFRA Technologies focusing on development of the new generation of GTL technology. 

Additionally, he leads the New Chemical Technologies and Nanomaterials Research Department at the Technological Institute for Superhard and New Carbon Materials (TISNCM) in Moscow. He is a member of the Society of Materials Science in the USA and the Russian Carbon Society in Russia, Elected Chairman of the Advisory Board at The Russian National Foundation for Technology Development.  

Vladimir Mordkovich has 45 inventions in his field and 120 publications in peer-reviewed journals.