Themes and Issues

A Comprehensive Approach to Arctic Energy

Small Community Energy Solutions

• Energy efficiency – smart grids, housing, storage, etc. • Effective micro-grids and off-grid utilities • Reducing use of diesel fuel for power generation • Generators and efficiency • Local use of natural gas

Oil and Gas

• New technologies to drive down exploration and production costs • Ways to bring innovation into the sector • Safety, oil spill response and risk management • Supply chain management, transportation • Stakeholder engagement and community impact • Mega-projects

Renewable Energy

• Resource potential and current projects – tidal, solar, wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal • Energy storage technologies • Integration of renewables into power supply • Arctic challenges and ecosystem resilience


• Arctic National and sub-national energy policies and strategies; geopolitical environment • Local government initiatives • Indigenous and tribal governments’ role • Government efforts to address cost of energy • Arctic Economic Council and private sector perspectives


• Public-private partnerships • Co-investment • Tax credits • Renewable energy funds • Public procurement • Energy efficiency contracts • Arctic Investment Protocol • International energy project financing

Community Impact

• Environmental protection • Stakeholder engagement • Capacity-building • Indigenous peoples and resource development • Science and traditional/indigenous knowledge • Economic growth in rural communities