Sara French

Sara French

Advisor, Gwich’in Council International and Principal Consultant, Northern Consultants


Sara is a leader in policy analysis and research, providing strategic council on a wide range of policy challenges. She has a particular expertise in circumpolar affairs, Indigenous issues, and Canadian foreign policy; helping clients from a variety of backgrounds to understand and strategize on a spectrum of issues. She has a keen eye towards stakeholder engagement, ensuring support for projects, partnerships, and ideas.

Sara has a Master of Arts degree at Queen’s University with a focus on Canadian foreign policy. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s and spent her first year of studies at the International Study Centre at Hertsmonceux Castle in the United Kingdom.

Sara serves as an Advisor to Gwich’in Council International and is the Principal Consultant at Northern Consultants. She previously worked at The Gordon Foundation for over six years, leading the Foundation’s programs on circumpolar studies and the Jane Glassco Fellowship for northern youth. She has had the honour to work alongside an impressive host of former heads of state and government at the InterAction Council. She also worked at the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Regulatory Reform in the United Kingdom, while participating in the Hansard Research Scholar’s Programme at the London School of Economics. She has also spent time at the Mission of Canada to the European Union in Brussels, Belgium and has worked in the British Virgin Islands.