Jannik Kappel

Jannik Kappel

Technical Project Manager, Nukissiorfiit, Greenland


Jannik Kappel is a technical project manager with Nukissiorfiit – the utility company of Greenland. He has been with the company for two years managing more than forty projects within supply of water, electricity and CHP in all of Greenland. His main interest lies with renewable energy projects and he is currently involved in several wind projects. Two of which will be the largest ever in Greenland. 

He is currently working on a project to develop a road map for making Greenland 100 % independent of fossil fuels. His focus is on the economic feasibility of projects and to provide policy makers with knowledge to make educated decisions on energy related matters. 

Jannik holds a master of science in engineering (cand.scient.techn) from the Technical University of Denmark.