Hanna Suutarla

Hanna Suutarla

R&D Manager, Arctia Ltd, Finland


Arctia Ltd. is a Helsinki based company providing services such as icebreaking, ice management, harbor icebreaking and oil recovery preparedness. Arctia owns and operates 7 icebreakers and one harbor icebreaker.

At her position, being Development & Environmental Manager at Arctia, Hanna Suutarla has a look-out spot in creating and learning about new innovations and solutions for shipping and Arctic related questions. She has been working in numerous tasks at the company and her work history reaches back to Finnish Maritime Administration. Her work scope has varied from vessel operator and sales duties to quality, sustainability and safety related tasks. Oil recovery has been part of her scope throughout her career.

Ms. Suutarla has been working with oil recovery vessels since 2004, during the time she has been involved with practical questions, vessel operating, oil recovery drills and availability concepts and contracts of 12 vessels with multiple customers - namely Finnish Environment Institute, EMSA and Lapland’s Fire department. Hanna has also been involved with R&D projects – the latest and still on-going one is IMOR, a project which studies the use of ice management as a part of oil recovery work.