2013 - Akureyri, Iceland

Videos from the 2013 Arctic Energy Summit located HERE.
Presentations from the 2013 Arctic Energy Summit located HERE.

Executive Summary

Energy is a fundamental component of sustainable development and is a crucial element of both human development and economic activity, balanced against protection of the environment and respect for traditional ways of living. The Arctic is full of energy resources – from oil and gas to renewable resources such as wind, solar, hydrokinetic and geothermal – yet peoples of the Arctic pay some of the highest energy prices in the world.

To take advantage of great energy and resource wealth potential, policy makers, community leaders and the private sector must work together to develop resources safely, facilitate access to affordable energy, and develop policies balancing risk mitigation, cultural integrity and economic opportunity. The Arctic is poised to take advantage of a changing market in a changing world; however, it is clear the region faces many daunting obstacles.

This dilemma provides the context for the Arctic Energy Summit’s themes of Richness, Resilience and Responsibility. Moving forward, we must understand the challenges and difficulties associated with developing great energy wealth and seek to ensure this development is done for the benefit of Northern peoples. The Summit’s sessions delivered a variety of perspectives and guidance for the future, namely responsible development and utilization of Arctic energy resources have great potential to spur community and economic resilience.

The 2013 Arctic Energy Summit produced interactive, meaningful cross-governance engagement and crosssectorial communication among participants. The findings resulted in practical recommendations for the Arctic Council, particularly the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG). The proceedings from the Arctic Energy Summit serve as an action plan to address knowledge gaps and research questions; propose practical project ideas; and find solutions to challenges.